Aceasta este masca minune care te scapa de pete intunecate si par gras. Este reteta unei bloggerite celebre din SUA

Farah Dhukai face furori pe internet cu 4,2 milioane de fani pe Instagram si 1,5 milioane pe canalul sau de Youtube.  Ea a postat pe contul ei de Instagram un video explicativ cu reteta minune, care are deja 4,9 milioane de vizualizari.

Farah Dhukai foloseste pentru masca miraculoasa doar doua ingrediente: argila chinezeasca alba si apa calda.

Se uniformizeaza amestecul si se lasa sa stea timp de 10 minute. Apoi se aplica pe parul umed, pe cicatrici sau pe portiunile de piele pielea carora doriti sa le dai un plus de luminozitate. Folositi o casca de dus, ea va face ca argila sa nu se usuce pe par. Lasati sa actioneze si spalati parul fara sa folositi sampon. 


GET SMOOTH FRIZZ FREE SOFT HAIR + LIGHTEN UNEVEN SKIN/TAN + DARK MARKS oily hair and skin? dry skin? dark spots or marks like I do? hair STATICKY + FRIZZY? uneven tan/uneven skin? YES? This is the DIY for you. A recent DIY I was testing burned thru my skin and scarred. Also - my arms are darker than the rest of my body and my hair doesnt like the dry cold air -THIS is what I use to even out my complexion, lighten spots and get rid of frizz/static (BOO COLD WEATHER!) ????ALL YOU NEED???? KAOLIN/WHITE/CHINA WHITE clay MIX - let sit for 10 min - apply to DAMP HAIR + skin you want to lighten/even out -wear a shower cap - dont let clay dry on hair -wash after 10-15 min NO SHAMPOO NEEDED (u can take a clay bath if u want) WHY THIS WORKS: VERY gentle- perfect for ALL skin types - EVEN DRY AND SENSITIVE! -gives very mild exfoliation to reveal beautiful refreshed hydrated skin (removes dead skin cells) -exfoliates scalp to remove dandruff -boosts circulation on skin = brighter more even skin -boosts circulation on scalp = healthy hair -balances oils on skin and hair -absorbs impurities and heals the skin (as you saw from my marks) -makes your hair and skin look perfect and baby soft -fights acne (heals pimples and prevents new ones), blackheads and shrinks pores -softens skin and hair ps. I feel like I ALWAYS need to explain to the insta-police who are always looking for conspiracies, clues and reasons to doubt diy (without even trying it) as to why my skin isnt perfect all the time and why i break out or get scars - im a human being. I have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin usually reacts to EVERYTHING, sometimes in a good way, sometimes bad #thestruggle Also, I am a DIY fanatic, they have been a part of my entire life and upbringing. I do them for fun without getting paid (fruits, vegetables, soil, flowers, the earth, and asteroids do not pay me to make videos) the reality is -sometimes DIYs don't go well--I don't share failed DIYs, even if it looks “cool", I only share things that I believe in, that WORK 4 me. To the Insta po po, try 4 yourself, lemme know how it goes- if you dont want to try, then dont. A sis is just here tryna help xo ❤️ DISCLAIMER: test patch 1st

Un clip video postat de Farah D (@farahdhukai) pe


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